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Dr. C. Claude Basler, the owner of Carlson Chiropractic in downtown Kalispell, and his wife, Alisha Basler, started looking for a new place to start a family right after Claude graduated from Palmer College Chiropractic in 2013. To find the perfect town, the Michigan natives took a summer road trip, visiting towns and cities across the country. They had a tall order to fill. Claude had been enchanted by the massive Rocky Mountains since he once flew over them, and Alisha loved the endless Great Lakes. But a town with mountains and water wouldn’t be enough. The high school sweethearts also needed a family-oriented community with a booming economy for Claude to lay the foundation for a career in family chiropractics.
Dr. C. Claude Basler
“Kalispell felt like home, we really like the family atmosphere,” Alisha, a speech pathologist who manages the office, said. “It really has a knack for wellness, that’s also what drew us. People here are passionate. They want to live life to the fullest. They’re health conscious because they don’t want to live with limitations. They want to go hiking, lift their kids, and play with their grandkids.”

Claude practices in the Gonstead technique, a system borne from extensive clinical research by Clarence S. Gonstead. Considered to be the gold standard among industry experts, it allows for precision and accuracy, and has been proven to be the most specific, scientific, and effective chiropractic adjustment technique.

“We strictly do chiropractic work, and we strictly adjust here,” Claude said, comparing his practice to others that offer less specialized care. “What we do works.”

And though Claude is focused more on helping Flathead residents lead healthy lives than on doing business, he also has to make sure the clinic stays afloat. He believes that he can best serve his patients, who live all across the valley, from the economic hub of centrally located Kalispell.

“Kalispell has been good to us,” Alisha said. “It’s the epicenter of the valley. People really share the word,” she continued, adding that Claude has relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising to establish practice.

New families and patients walk through their downtown doors every day. Because the practice is focused on preventative care just as much as helping people who are already injured, Claude sees that as a success and a testament to residents’ interest in investing in holistic health.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth,” Alisha said. “And helped a lot of people.”

The clinic isn’t alone in its growth—the Baslers cite Kalispell’s recent development as one reason they decided to uproot their lives and move here. They’re excited for the future, and for their growing family to become an integral part of a community that’s doing the same.



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